Tique Tal- Môce dum Cabréste’s book that can be read in any occasion!

January 25, 2016

Now that I finished reading the book Tique Tal from Môce dum Cabréste (Môce dum Cabréste, the comedian from Algarve!), I decided to give you some information concerning the sample, and I just want to warn you right away that everything written here, can be extremely harmful to healthier minds!
I went to the book’s presentation in Faro and loved it! Dário Guerreiro is an outstanding comedian, but also a communicator, which contributed to the success of that night!
Here are the photos of the event, but don’t go away, because I’ll refer below why I think you should read the book Tique Tal:


Now let’s explain why you should read Tique Tal:
It’s a thin book, and because of that, it’s very quick to read and easy to transport;
Can be read on several occasions as you can check in the photos where “I was surprised” reading;
The poems in the book are filled with filthy words and also have illustrations, which means it can be read by the most different persons;
You can draw and paint in authors face and also, if you are evil release on social media;
Probably you may become better acquainted with the way of thinking of Môce dum Cabréste, although I believe that is an unnecessary effort because it will also can causes a bigger distance to understand;
And …, no more justifications! Pass to the action, reading Tique Tal, that it was written by this purebred Algarve resident.fototiquetal10fototiquetal9

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  • Reply Mónica Tuesday January 26th, 2016 at 10:37 AM

    Minha querida silvia Costa gosto do texto, mas adoro as fotos principalmente uma delas, a do WC.
    Adoro mesmo! Só tu para me fazeres rir a esta hora da manha.
    Miga continua. Estás super bem no teu blog, adoro as tuas conquistas.

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