Autumn evening …

October 13, 2015

We reached the autumn! Gradually we forget the heat, the beach and the sunsets. Now we begin enjoying the evenings with friends, a good wine, and with a view over the sea. The tours begin at the end of the day, allowing us to enjoy our Algarve with the calm that the absence of tourism allows us, residents.

Now, let’s speak about the wardrobe. We don’t need to wait no longer to use that blouse that we buy in the stocks and not reached to wear because the heat did not permit. We can use the ballerinas again, combining the color of each pair with some clothes that we already wanted to use. Then we bring the boots once more as well as jackets and scarves that have been stored for more than one season. About the meals, we changed salads and other cold dishes, to hot and warm dishes. At this time, we let ourselves excuses about the endless traffic, which did not allow us to reach the target and we will do the activities that fascinate us, whether sports, go out meals, or simple walks, that the good weather in our region still allows.


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