About me

I was born on May 25th, 1982 in the city of Portimão.
I was a shy girl, reserved and with just a few friends, but in that time I already wanted to choose the colors from my own clothes.
I do not forget about a red shoes with a small heel, that my mother bought and made me feel a Lady.
A few years later I became more communicative, confident and a transparent person. I stopped caring about what others think negatively, and only began to appreciate constructive criticism, making this attitude of me, a more curious and interested person about everything and everyone.
I studied Communication and started a “journey” of classes within the commercial area, Events & PR.
I began giving different ideas for the clothes that my mother could do, but with a modern twist, getting different clothes but integrated at that time.
In professional terms, I can say that I am a versatile woman because I have done everything and always wanted to leave “my personal touch” in everything I do and not forgetting the constant demand to take satisfaction of all jobs that I pass.
This constant change of career never pushed me away from the commercial area, which is an intrinsic characteristic of me.
And now why the idea of ​​starting a Blog?! Because, having developed expertise in the commercial area, I had to work my image, as well as myself.
After several researches, trainings and the different jobs I became more mature and a motivated person.
That’s what I intend to talk about, in this Blog! I want to show “the link” between Fashion and Commercial Area, to prove that they have always been “holding hands”, even if sometimes it’s more obvious than in other occasions.