Follow Fashion, but do not “pursue it” all the time!

June 15, 2015

I love fashion and following trends, but one thing it’s to be inspired with all of the nature and constant changes of the Fashion District, and another is to use only what “Fashion dictates.”
For me this “universe” serves as a source of inspiration, we have to combine, always, this with a “pinch” of originality.
What I especially appreciate is seeking a difference in each individual and their various forms of dressing, thereby combining these ideas with what we see in Passerelles and magazines.
In addition to always be alert to trends I also try searching in the Internet, as well as read books area. I’ve read some very interesting, and right now I’m reading “How to be Parisian wherever you are”, that I recommend! It is a book about the personality of French women in the 21st century, and explains what are their routines, trends and tastes.
For now, I’ll finish this post, but I’ll be back soon with more talking!

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