Painting to not stress… Art therapy.

April 25, 2017


How many of you feel stress with all the daily tasks and obligations that come up ?!

Well, it happens to me, even though I love living under stress. I feel as if this “state”, so to speak, “obliges” me to “walk in order.”

However, being a curious person by nature, I decided to try something that already many people use to escape the stress- Adult Painting Books.

I bought several paint books and colored pencils, putting some in the bag to have on hand for some time.

Johanna Basford is considered a great promoter of this “fashion”, having released her first book in 2013 (Secret Garden). Click on the author’s name to view her Blog and her works.

In Portugal, Lua de Papel was the first to publish one of these books called Mindfulness – Livro para Pintar.

And now my experience with adult painting books: – After spending a few months with the books in the bag to make weight and paint them punctually to have the same experience as thousands of people around the world, I discovered that I detest paint in the green color and that after painting the colors more cheerful, I lose the interest. Some say that the way we paint can tell a lot about our state of mind. Do not like to paint green mean I’m crazy ?! Well, if so, will not we all have a bit of madness ?! Ahahahah

Seriously speaking, this is not really the kind of distraction I prefer or that conquer me, but there were times when I loved and I know many people who would love to paint these drawings.

In fact, while we are thinking “we can not pass the risk” in the book, we also do not think about whether or not we are “treading the risk” in real life. Ahahah

I still want to inform you that if you do not want to spend money on books and / or pencils, you can always download app’s from the playstore to the phone, which allows you to paint just by touching the screen.

I tried two: Colorfy and Momi Coloring.

Although I really like Momi Coloring, I have to confess that it’s not as exciting as picking up the pencil and “taking the risk”. They’re app’s too perfect in my opinion.

I hope you have been curious, like me, and try it. Would not the world be an embarrassment if everyone liked the same things?! This is just a tip!

See you!

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