It’s not just in heaven that Angels exist!

March 24, 2016

Remember the post that I put Angels fall in Algarve?!

In the day that “the Angels came down to Algarve” for the Association Existir Concert, I decided to take a look at the boys Sergio and Nelson Rosado.

I know I took some time to put this post, but as you can imagine, it’s not easy to talk about these guys with a name so heavenly! It must be a text that makes justice to the talent of the brothers and that make’s you know the work that they have been doing, as well as some of the “tasks they have done here on earth.”

Let’s pass to what it matters!

The Angels found the music individually. Nelson began playing acordeon, because his father also played.

The boys mother also loved to sing, although not professionally, so, because the family shared love for music Sérgio also started persuing it with just 8 years old.

It was in Casa Algarve in Almada that the Rosado brothers appeared for the first time and now they no longer can see themselves doing something else. At the point they realized they had to evolve more and so, came the Angels!

As brothers have their discussions, but early defined things very well, separating the tasks of each of the group, causing so there are no frictions.

The Angels are so companions, that when I proposed to them that each one defined in a word, they both decided it would be more interesting one set each other: Sergio defined Nelson as “Talented” and Nelson concluded very well, saying that Sergio is “Unique”.

About music they consider it a way to transmit messages about something, creating sensations in people.

The brothers think the problem that the Portuguese bands face today it’s that it don’t exists no artists rotation on the radio, however they argue that we should believe in our dreams and never give up. One of the advice they give to those who want to go after their dreams, whether it be music or other area, is “thinking outside of the box” and “persist”.

And I believe we can say that it was “out of the box” that Anjos decided to launch this new project with a young and fresh new production music. They invited to join this challenge, new talent as Karetus and Agir. You already can hear this “upgrade” of Anjos in some radio tunings.

Another novelty that I knew on the day of the concert at Portimão Arena, was that Anjos are now the Godfathers of Existir Association. This organization already had the Godmother Maria Cavaco Silva since a few years, but lacked a Godfather worthy of such illustrious figure, and who better than Anjos?!

For those who do not know, these boys try to help whenever they can. Besides the Association Anjos em Movimento which is also integrated a School of Music, and other causes that they try to support, the brother’s annually organize Seixal Terena(Click here).

This post it’s now complete, and probably it’s not the last about Anjos, because I’m sure these guys will continue to give much to talk about.

Concert photos of 14 February below.anjos3-1024x681 anjos1-1024x681 anjos2-1024x681 anjos4-1024x681

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  • Reply Marília Duarte Thursday March 24th, 2016 at 06:00 PM

    Então já estou esclarecida, porque são os anjos simpáticos e bem dispostos: envolvidos na música e no desporto, e em ajudar quem precisa, não podia ser de outro jeito. A partir de agora, com tudo o que contaste deles, tenho mais vontade de conhecer toda a sua música, que só pode ser o reflexo dos seus bons sentimentos.
    Gostei muito de ler tudo isto que escreveste; gosto de saber que neste mundo, ainda há gente assim: amigos de ajudar, dando o que melhor sabem fazer, que é cantar.
    Acho que preciso dar-te os parabéns, por teres no teu blog assuntos de interesse como este. Beijinhos

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