Angels fall in Algarve!

January 22, 2016

Acoustic “is the project” live “of Anjos (name of the band translated in English- Angels). This project includes all the band’s hits, but in a unique way- acoustic.
I think there is no better time than in Valentine’s Day, for dating your “soul mate” and listen quality music!
And even if you are single as I, do not worry about it, because Portimão Arena will be full and so, you will not feel alone!
I confess that the expectations of the brothers are massive, because they chose to embrace this concert for recognition of the excellent work that the Association Exist develops, and the difficulties which it passes. Angels believe that it’s important to help, and if it’s only to sing, which is what they like to do, it’s the same then joining business with pleasure!
Now the reasons why you can’t miss this show:
To help, even if it’s for your girlfriend have a single moment of happiness, which maybe does not happen with much frequency (lol);
In April 2013, Anjos Concert, in Lagoa Auditorium sold out quickly, but this place it’s bigger, so here’s your chance;
According Anjos, this is a unique and singular show, since they are not even in acoustic tour.
You are still there?! Run to buy the ticket! I already have mine!DSC_0112


The photograph presented in the beginning of this post it’s from Existir website.

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  • Reply Marília Duarte Thursday January 28th, 2016 at 09:26 AM

    É muito bom, haver quem se preocupe em ajudar quem precisa! Portanto o meu grande apreço a toda essa gente; incluindo neste caso os Anjos, que se disponibilizaram ajudar esta associação; mas também para ti, Sílvia, que tão bem fazes a divulgação destes eventos. Espero que haja muita gente, com vontade de ajudar!

  • Reply Os Anjos não existem só no céu! – 25 Horas de Moda Thursday March 24th, 2016 at 12:47 PM

    […] Lembram-se do post que coloquei: Os Anjos descem ao Algarve?! […]

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