Yesterday I felt like a child in the opening of the shop Tony Toys!

December 8, 2015

I want to inform that this is a post of extremely importance and seriousness, because it involves soldiers, fighters, swords,…, and Pokémon with some Barbies in the mixture!
Yeah!Yesterday I went to the opening of the store Tony Toys in Portimão, where you can find a big variety of toys in second and first hand, however it’s in Retrogaming (Consoles and used Video Games) and Collectibles items that my friend and owner Francisco Português, want’s to focus the customers attention.
In this shop you can find meal boxes with toys designs, so that your sons be able to have courage to eat all of the vegetables or,  it have even boxes of Lego heads shape so that you can storage “kid stuff” that is under the couch, just because you don’t know where to put it.
Apart from many other games and dolls in Tony Toys, for the most curious ones, it’s possible to find the famous He-Man and Dragon Ball, as well as for those more “straights”, it’s also there Burago cars and Marvell’s toys.
And if the elders think they will be bored, taking their children to see this store, they are mistaken, because while the kids are delight in that world of toys, the Dad can play for a bit with the Game Boy … or be a responsible parent and let the child play instead of him!
What more can I say about this new space?! Nothing. Now, the only solution it’s making you a “guided tour” through the pictures below and passing you the information that the store Tony Toys is located on Av. 25 de Abril, 12, in Portimão and, more importantly, that Francisco Português will receive you with the level of care that any child or even, an adult with a kid’s mind, desserves!


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  • Reply Marília Duarte Tuesday December 8th, 2015 at 01:39 PM

    A visita guiada está muito bem feita: mostra-nos uma loja alegre e bonita, como deve ser sempre, um espaço de brinquedos! e é muito bom saber, que também tem brinquedos em segunda mão! sendo assim possível serem mais baratos. Além de que, despertam certamente em alguém, memórias bonitas que já estavam esquecidas. Parabéns Sílvia, por mostrares tão bem essa loja e parabéns ao dono, e muita sorte!

  • Reply antonio Saturday April 30th, 2016 at 02:47 PM

    Gostava de saber se tem algo do género construçao civil, modelos a escala 1:50 possiveis fabricantes joal, siku, conrad, norscot, nzg, tonkin, wsi? Agradeço resposta para o mail

    • Reply Silvia Costa Wednesday May 4th, 2016 at 05:57 AM

      Caro António, a sua questão foi encaminhada para a Tony Toys. Em breve o responsável responderá directamente para o seu email.

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