Summer arrived!

June 16, 2015

The heat is here to stay! Let’s enjoy the evenings with the company of a refreshing drink.
After an intense day of work, what better solution exists than this?! Just what you feel is sit in the outside of a Coffee Shop, or find yourself with some friends to talk even about “Beaba of turtle’s lives!”

What matters is that you enjoy this little luxury, to gain energy, to go home to deal with affairs of home and family, or to prepare yourself for the next day of work.
Of course with the busy life we have, it’s not so easy to have these small moments, however if you do it at least once a week, it will already relieves some of the “stress” that you may be feeling.
Don’t lose the opportunity to be with people you care about, whether friends, boyfriend,…, and then tell me how it was this little but also big moment!


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