The frog who wanted to be a speaker

November 19, 2017

Pipo was born of a great love between an immigrant frog and a swamp female. Since a young age Pipo didn´t feel integrated with his friends. Pipo believed he had the potential to be an example to follow in his community, yet he could not express himself and, for worse, he was fat and clumsy. One-day Pipo saw an owl speaker and told his family that this was the profession he wanted to pursue. The father told him that this wouldn’t be possible, because he born from an immigrant and a mere peasant. In addition, the owls could be speakers because of their culture and the posture and elegance they had before audiences. Pipo was just a fat and clumsy frog.

Sadly, Pipo knew he had the skills to be a speaker, but he would never be if he remained stagnant in his community.

One day, believing in a better life, Pipo left his village and emigrated. He found a flea circus and asked to join them. The frog started performing in poetry proclamation shows throughout the various villages and towns for two years.

Within those years Pipo read a lot and proclaimed beautiful poems, becoming the speaker that he wanted so much. In the Fleas Circus there was one in particular that helped Pipo – her name was Tiara and she was the trapeze artist of the circus. Tiara had to possess a great elegance in her performances in order to captivate the public and for that reason she helped the frog, once awkward, to have presence in front of an audience.

Pipo became like this, a captivating speaker and with a professional course of envy to many of his peers. At the end of his journey at the circus, the young frog felt that it was time to return home and set out for the road. Arriving at his village Pipo saw that everything was the same and that his childhood friends were simple farmers. Nothing had changed in his community, which had only aged in the last few years. Pipo proposed to the elder of his village the realization of a lecture regarding the frogs evolution.

And it was then that Pipo formally introduced himself to his village as a speaker. But the unexpected happened: Pipo had no voice, could not speak and his stomach was spinning. What to do? How would he get his voice back? It would certainly be shamed in the front of everyone. Then the frog decided he would not falter in the face of the perhaps more important challenge of his life. Pipo looked at the audience, took a deep breath and imagining the room with only fleas, began his speech.

In the end he was applauded by his peers and praised by all. The elder of the village said to him: “-Pipo, you are great! Great not because of your body, but because you made us see the big frog we always knew you were. It was not up to the village to tell you that you would be able to be a speaker, and you would not reach this state if you didn’t cross the road that you travelled, so never limit yourself to what people say you will be, but to what you know you are, which depends on a journey. Go and grow as you are, and you will continue to be GREAT!”


I hope this story inspires you…

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