The New Reflection of Sandra!

October 24, 2015

From the day I started to follow the weight loss of Sandra Fonseca that I decided that it was important to write about this topic as sensitive as the Morbid Obesity.
Today, the media already help “someway” people who suffer from this disease, however it’s needed a lot of willpower to overcome the problem.
The desire to lose weight is an issue that many of us would rather keep hidden in their “secret box” until the day that we are “bowled over” by reality!
Sandra is an ordinary woman who has always been overweight, reaching even the stage of Morbid Obesity.
Like others with the same problem, it was a real nightmare for Sandra to go shopping, was for a special occasion or even when she just needed a simple piece of clothing to wear every day.
At that time it was difficult to get the size required for her body structure.
Today it is often mentioned the term “Stuck in our own body”, but it is still like a patient suffering from obesity, feels.
The weight does not result automatically to cholesterol, diabetes, or other physical problems, however, with the passage of months/years the probability to catch these diseases it becomes higher.
It is in this “field” that doctors have an important “role” and it was precisely that what happened to Sandra, when it was told her that if continued with overweight, she would not be able to follow the growth of her child.
At that moment Sandra had a “click” in her mind, who motivated her to put on sport shoes and go out to the street, beginning three intense months of hiking between 5/ 6km up to 12Km, taking each day 2-3 hours, with rain or shine.
Thinner, it was here that she decided to experience something new, such as Cycling, Gymnastics Located, Body Combat, Race or Zumba, however were the bike tours that left her completely surrendered, making from it a hobby, just for Sandra or also for her family. Now it’s the activity where she is already considered one of the best participants to pedal, because of the persistence and strength of legs that already characterizes her in this sport.
This path that Sandra made, obligate her also to improve her nutrition, based on the choice of the best food, without carbohydrates and by eating in smaller portions. She had to start exchanging, fast food for fish, salads, and vegetables, and including the Carrot that makes our eyes prettier.
Not to fall into temptation, Sandra made her husband a sort of “hostage” of the food that made her salivate with more intensity, “forcing him” to eat. This attitude was perhaps to imagine that it was her that were tasting that “delicacy”.
Are you laughing?! It’s very normal happen this kind of cases. Our brain manages defenses that we never thought it could exist and with that, you can also learn that Sandra’s motivation, anyone can have, but with the right drive, and which in this case was a mother that wanted to see the growth of their child.
To conquer a new number on the scale, and with less than three digits, this woman became a following example. She is today, a more confident person, sexy, motivated and happy, is it buying clothes, or simply to take a bike ride with her friends and/or family.
Now I’m concluding this post, which has given me much pleasure to write because it’s a current issue about an ordinary woman, that inspired me and I hope will also inspire you all as well.
What can we learn from this story, proved also with the photos below, is that everyone can lose weight if they have the right motivation and never give up!
So, dear friends, get up from the couch and apply this expression in your lives as Sandra applies in their: No Pain, No Gain!

sandra destaque sandra1 sandra2 sandra5

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    Em primeiro lugar quero dar os parabéns a Sandra pela força de vontade e pelas conquistas.
    A ti miga , mas que belo Post, a cada texto que fazes é uma surpresa muito agradável de se ler.

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