The Algarve trade experience 2016 was a success!

March 16, 2016

Everybody know’s that even not having followed a career in the drinks world, I’m still interested with tastings, fairs and events. Because of that and because now I can contagiate you with my pleasures through this Blog, I decided to share some informations with you about the Algarve trade experience!

This is an event organized by Garrafeira Soares, where the company makes known the brands that represents, also providing training mainly in the area of ​​Bartending and Wine.

What most caught my attention was that despite being remarkable the constant evolution of Algarve trade experience year after year, now in 2016 Garrafeira Soares surprised by the choose of the place (Conrad Hotel), the distribution and organization of space, as well as by the presented delicacies and also the competitions that took place there.

Starting my walk thru the event I came across with the exceptional friendliness of the hosts that put me a bracelet to have free access to the event with no embarrassment in the case of leaving and re-enter. After I was welcomed with a cocktail that “sweetened” the entry of the guests into that elegant space.

It was interesting to see, once again,  the commitment of Garrafeira Soares with this event, that resulted in a social relation of excellence for all the guests and participants.

More words for what ?! Here are some photos of the event!tradeexperience1-e1458144003121 tradeexperience2-e1458144017384 tradeexperience3-1024x681 tradeexperience4-1024x681 tradeexperience5-1024x681 tradeexperience6-1024x681 tradeexperience7-1024x681 tradeexperience8-1024x681 tradeexperience9-1024x591 tradeexperience10-1024x681 tradeexperience11-1024x681 tradeexperience12-1024x681 tradeexperience13-1024x681 tradeexperience14-1024x681 tradeexperience15-1024x681 tradeexperience16-1024x681 tradeexperience17-1024x681 tradeexperience18-e1458143675804 tradeexperience19-1024x681 tradeexperience20-1024x681 tradeexperience21-1024x681 tradeexperience22-e1458143788560

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