Môce dum Cabréste, the comedian from Algarve!

January 2, 2016

Dário Guerreiro began the “persona” in 2010, influenced by some American video bloggers, and the choice of name was very natural because there was always a common expression in the comedian’s childhood, perhaps for being a naughty boy and the name that we use in Algarve is “Môce dum Cabréste”.

The translation of the name it’s impossible, but the most similar it’s Boy with no halter.
When I met him, I automatically came to the conclusion that Môce dum Cabréste is an “upgrade” of Dário. The pronunciation, and his way of thinking and seeing the world, are perhaps what better distinguishes him.
“Môce” has been criticized by some that said he is not funny, but it is inevitable, after the public exposure. However what most worries him, are not these views about himself, but those who gave him the strength to move forward, that do not come to regret of encourage him and when they no longer bear to hear him, he does not shut up.
At this point, Dário confesses that the videos of Môce dum Cabréste in his Channel, were so successful that has already become impossible to dissociate the persona of Dário.

In Algarve shows that, “Môce” is a familiar name and always brings a certain affection by those who, somehow, feels represented by the words he say.
As for those who do not know how to pronounce Môce dum Cabréste, always end up calling him Dário Guerreiro.
But there was a theme that has always intrigued me and I could not resist asking: – Why do you think people criticize others of using bad words.
The comedian gave me his opinion on the subject, somewhat sensitive, “By shame, above all.

People who do it, probably, have been the target of some repression in that direction during the construction of his personality and never managed to detach it. Then they end up, however unconsciously, pass these values to their descendants. The biggest problem of this dilemma is to explain them, that it is not the use of certain words that makes someone rude. Good education is (or should be) in how we treat others and not the word we use to describe a sexual organ, for example. Fortunately the new generations will already understand this.

Ok, now I cheated! This was exactly the answer that Môce dum Cabréste gave me, but it was only because I thought the answer was very structured!
And this why?! Because Dário Guerreiro, as well as great comedian, also stands out in his writing. The little I knew about this boy is that he’s an excellent communicator either writing or in verbally form!
It’s such an intelligent guy who could write a book. Ups, he already done it! This is called Tique Tal!
You can already buy! However be careful because it can be extremely harmful to the healthy minds! He is able to write about topics that make us use our neurons more dynamically, however the author decided to write some poems about the most stupid and basic things to be easy to read for everybody, especially us, Algarve residents!
Finally, for you do not complain that the text is too long and boring, even more about a comedian; I asked some questions to Môce dum Cabréste and here they are, with appropriate responses itself, so that you can pass known him or still remain to realize much less:

• Q. Tell me a message you want to pass to Algarve, Portugal, world, in short, anyone who interests you.
A. Do not take everything so seriously. Seriously! Nothing and no one should be seen as austere way of discouraging anyone, whoever they are, making jokes about it.

• Q. What comedians that you identify?
A. Louis CK, Ricky Gervais, Bill Burr, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Tim Minchin, Bo Burnham, George Carlin, Bill Hicks… Em Portugal, Bruno Nogueira e Ricardo Araújo Pereira will always be mandatory choices for those with good taste about comedy.

• Q. Dário has a girlfriend, so it’s demonstrated his success with the girls. And Môce dum Cabréste have success with chicks?
A. Not really. Also because I am the first person to discourage fanaticism. A person who likes too much of something, whatever it is, cannot have all the ideas in the right place.

• Q. What would be the reaction of Môce dum Cabréste if it was invited to animate a children’s party?
A. Laugh a lot. Then continue what I was doing earlier with the hope that this request was just a joke.

• Q. And if it was for a bachelorette party?
A. We all have a price.

Note: As for the photos within this Post I also did cheat, because Môce dum Cabréste lately it’s been busy making the presentation of his book for several cities of Portugal and would be difficult to “catch him”! What is the name of the book? Tique Tal! And be aware that I’m already done reading, to speak evil and do horrible drawings in the author’s face! 😉Mocedumcabreste1

All the photos in this post are from the Facebook page of Môce dum Cabréste.

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  • Reply Marilia Duarte Sunday January 3rd, 2016 at 10:16 AM

    O texto é um pouco longo, mas tinha que ser! pois mesmo assim ficou de certeza, muito por dizer! Quanto aos palavrões: concordo plenamente que não é isso que torna ninguém mal educado. Quantas pessoas há, – que sem nunca os dizerem, não têm educação nenhuma, nem respeito pelos outros?!
    Acho que ficava bem estar aqui a fotografia do livro.

  • Reply Tique Tal- O livro do Môce dum Cabréste que pode ser lido em qualquer ocasião! – 25 Horas de Moda Tuesday January 26th, 2016 at 09:15 AM

    […] que terminei de ler o livro Tique Tal do Môce dum Cabréste (Môce dum Cabréste, o comediante Algarvio!), decidi vos dar algumas informações que acho necessárias acerca da obra, e desde já vos aviso […]

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