September 5, 2015

Which better text to start putting in this space “Inspiration”, then about how this Blog appeared.
For many years I always had pleasure in writing, speaking and basically communicating.
Several friends advise me to write my stories, so I followed their recommendations and went ahead.
With this Blog I want to inspire people, to show that it is worth fighting for what you want.
I want to speak about fashion, because it’s an area that fascinates me. I intend also write about products, places or events that captivate me.
And now the name: Why “25 Horas de Moda” (25th Hours of Fashion)?! Because as you can imagine, there are already many Blog names and I wanted a different one.
After numerous attempts, I remembered that one day, the grandfather of a great friend of mine, answered the phone saying to my friend that it was Sílvia (me) in the other side, and because she didn´t understood, he repeated, saying her that on the phone it was her friend that “in a day of 24 hours, speaks 25”.
I thought I was characterized in one sentence and liked it so much that was that expression which resulted in the name of this blog, and I hope that will inspire you!
But more words for what?! Get to work!

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