Today was the opening of the first stores Elygas, and one is in Portimão!

November 7, 2015

Of course, now with the liberalization of the electricity market, doubts arise whether or not we should switch to another provider this service.
Today I went to the opening of one of the first physical stores Elygas, now in Portimão, and at morning, also today, the label already had opened an Elygas in Loulé.
But now the most surprising situation: Our Algarve this time is a pioneer! These two openings of physical stores Elygas were the firsts in the world.
For the first time, was the fearless Algarve to come up with something new, belonging one of the spaces to my friend José Incozi.
In conversation with this amazing commercial, he accentuated the aspect that we Portuguese, rely more on what we can see physically, and that is one of the purposes of opening spaces of Elygas.
Consequently, the client will know where to go to receive a quotation or just to get information about this new company.
In addition to the direct contact that we can begin to have with Elygas, we must also agree that it’s always beneficial to the customer, the existence of competition!
For me, personally, I always like to have several options to choose from being even better if it’s from companies with experience.
Elygas has the experience in this area of over 15 years from their founders, and also has people full of willpower to satisfy the customer.
Anyway, I had a lot of pleasure to go to this opening of Elygas in Portimão, being able to capture moments of good humor that seem characteristic of all that are involved in this brand.
I leave you here some pictures for you to have an idea of ​​how was this event, and also, if you want you can also visit the new space in Rua da Hortinha in Portimão.



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