Sweet potato Aljezur Festival 2015!

December 5, 2015

Dear friends, it was last weekend,that was held another festival of sweet potato in the lovely town of Aljezur!
You didn’t went?! Then you just can go in the next year!
If you didn’t went because of the distance of the place where this event happens, you are mistaken, since you can get a train ride …Yes I said train! The city hall has made available a train and a bus to let the visitors of the Festival at the door of the event.
I went by bus, but the train was a success, especially for kids!
Arriving at the event, I felt an aroma in the air, from cooks that some persons were doing. Then, despite the crowds, that congested somehow the passage, I started to walk the alleys of the Festival.
The first stand that caught my attention was the Enchanted Chili one (Malagueta Encantada), where I tasted two chili jams. I began for the less hot and then tasted the spicier jelly!
I must confess that first I didn’t felt anything, but shortly after it started a numbness in my tongue! It was a very interesting experience!
Malagueta Encantada also produces olive oil with chili, chili jam, and even a spicy salt!
But it was there still much to see, so my journey continued, as I looked with curiosity at everything around me.
I went through honey, Spices, Handmade crafts in lace and other materials, hot chocolate and figs in chocolate, Algarve Beverage (Gins and Liqueurs), …
Just to get the idea, I founded Sweet Potato liquor and I even taste it, that I must to confess, is a delight!
Another product that I saw there and it never can be forget in this type of events in Algarve, its sausages and prosciutto!
I was lost with the variety of products found in particular in Feiteirinha!
I’ve been lost between the varieties that I saw, just for start, in Feiteirinha.
Then I enjoyed the beauty of a lot of black chorizo, sausages and blood sausages to stand in a mountain to capture the visitor’s attention.
Apart from such products I still found carefully packed ham and those fantastic legs that could not miss in an event as important as the Festival of Sweet Potato Aljezur!
In the end, we could have dinner too, but the return journey was long and I was so surprised to find there Pizza (Pizzaria A Bica), that I bought a slice to eat on my way home, and believe me, it was divine!


Labels or Producers refered in this Post: Malagueta Encantada (email. malaguetaencantada@gmail.com), ChocoFigo (email. chocofigo@gmail.com), Roupas e Acessórios de Teresa Costa (email. iolandasofiaa@hotmail.com), Presuntos e Enchidos Tradicionais Feiteirinha (email. anamariacanelas@sapo.pt), Licores Regionais da ShilbNature Lda. (email. talurdinha@hotmail.com).




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    Um festival tão completo, como esse da Batata Doce, – a mim, deixa-me quase sem comentários: mas, licor de batata doce?… gostava muito de experimentar!

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