It’s time to reinforce Vitamin C!

January 19, 2016

With rumors that the flu is back, even the A flu, I think it’s important to talk about Vitamin C.
The truth is that I am not a good example to follow, regarding fruit ingestion, however I’m even two years, without getting even a cold! This may be a sign that my little soldiers are well trained!
To compensate my failure, sometimes I drink shakes and supplement them with Cecrisina, which you can buy in any pharmacy.
But now let’s speak about the benefits in addition of the flu protection:
• Better skin healing;
• Slows aging signs;
• Helps to fight cancer.
That’s right! Now it’s just compensating the lack of vitamin C in your routine, as I am doing in mine, even because the skin gets a stunning look!vitaminac1vitaminac2

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