It’s time to stop

March 22, 2020

In this pause that has been imposed to us, there is no time to think about the defeat that we may suffer.

It is time to do what we did not do before and to realize what we did not understand before.

Today, there is time to look at the sky and see the stars, there is time to talk to the family, there is time to think, there is time to taste the food without having to run to work.

Now is the time to stop!

It is time to appreciate even the details of everyday life, it is time to value breathing and life.

Looking back, how important is a loving heartbreak, or that discussion we had that we don’t even remember about what it was ?!

Today, we are learning a lesson. It is a life lesson.

It is not a time to cry, but a time to unite.

If we can’t kiss, we can smile with our eyes. If we cannot touch, we can embrace with the look and snuggle with the words.

Now, we can learn the importance of words and the strength they have.

After this, the kiss, the touch and the hug will be much more valued.

So, why not use this phase as a “launching ramp”?!

We will talk to the family, as we have not done it in a long time, exercise, pray, play and even sing.

We will not fold our arms and wait for this to pass. Let’s do it differently. Let’s be different.

It is time to see the path and to realize what we want to change. This is an opportunity to rethink ourselves as a human being.

Stay at home, but don’t allow yourself to feel trapped!

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