Leave your “Brand”!!!

September 17, 2015

It’s nothing new that the personal and professional image are connected and because of that it’s important to have in mind the image you wish to project to others.
What distinguishes each person is inevitably and in the first instance, the way of dressing, it is important to use it as a form of communication.
In all of the companies where I already worked, I had always very careful, picking the clothes, remembering the kind of the post that I was occupying and the type of client that I was supposed to relate. And that why?!
Because the goal is to demonstrate through clothing. At first, passing the professionalism and then to emerge the easy accessibility to our person, making others understand that although we get dressed in a cordial manner, we can talk as equals.
So in terms of the image it’s important to demonstrate that we know how take care of ourselves, and like that, the customers will realize that if we can do with us, also will know how to do it with them.
And now a few tricks that I discovered and learned earlier:
The lighter the hair color, more lightness provide to the image.
Dark colors express power, firmness and strength.
Use this information wisely, but never forget about your “True Self”!


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