Celebrate birthday! … Yes, of course!

May 29, 2016

What better post to put on the blog, after a few days of absence, that about my birthday ?!

People already asked me numerous times why I always celebrate my birthdays and even, with so many people. Well, the reason is that I love having people around me, give a pleasant night to my friends and I love fun! This is the solution for the night be a success!

I consider that the good moments are to be enjoyed and that life is too short to be wasted!

I leave you here some photos to get the idea that age does not matter, if we can celebrate with our family and friends together!fotoaniversario1-681x1024 fotoaniversário2-1024x681 fotoaniversário3-1024x681 fotoaniversário4-1024x681 fotoaniversário5-1024x985 fotoaniversário6-649x1024 fotoaniversário7-1024x794 fotoaniversário8-1024x853

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