The new Tapas “habit”!

January 11, 2016


It was at the end of 2015 that I realized that tapas are very eminent, now more than ever.
For this reason I tried to discover establishments dedicated to this type of cooking and went to some of them: Tapas e Destapas, Tapa Latina, Taberna de Portimão, Casa da Tocha and finally to Tasc’calado.
For those who do not know how the idea of tapas started, I’ll leave here a brief clarification.
As I checked, it exists several rumors, but none confirmed. There are those who say that the tapas came at a time of scarcity after the Spanish Civil War, but following the folk wisdom, it says that the tapas emerged in the Middle Age by imposition of a king in order to minimize the possible drunkenness. There are also claims that these delicaces emerged in the time of Catholic Kings, to prevent accidents with carters. That’s right! In those times also existed road accidents; but the vehicles were others!
But we were talking of tapas! In short, the only information we can confirm is that this type of meal is originally from our neighbor Spain.
Portugal, probably was surrendered to tapas since only a few years ago and was in Lisbon and Porto that began to appear more establishments to serve this kind of food, so to speak.
Being you clarified, let’s now speak about what it matters: Tapas places where I’ve been, for now, only in Portimão!
Tapa Latina: Situated next to Casa Inglesa, is a rustic style house, having the walls and floor in stone and with a very interesting feature, the chairs are not all alike, but still keeping the dark wood to match the rest decor.
I started the tasting with the music “I put a Spell on You,” and other soul music, resulting in a cuddling environment and matching it with the wine perfectly.
This house gave me the opportunity to taste Carne de Alguidar (meat bowl), Lulinhas Fritas (Fried Little Squid), Camarão à Guilho (Shrimp Guilho), Camemberg with Honey and Walnuts, Chicken Kebab and Octopus salad.tapalatina1




Tapas e Destapas: In Praia da Rocha, this is a small establishment, which stands out because of the simplicity of the atmosphere. But don’t be mistaken! It was in this house that flavors stood out! For example, with Migas (similar to a soak bread recipe), Choco (a variable of octopus fried) or Mushrooms with Bacon were very well cooked, as well as the Mixed Boards with Sausages and Cheese or also, the distinct flavor of pâtés.tapasedestapas1tapasedestapas2tapasedestapas3tapasedestapas4tapasedestapas5tapasedestapas6tapasedestapas8



Taberna de Portimão: In the city center, dominated by rustic decor to don’t “escape the concept” of tavern. Here I found old radios, and even wheeled carts or sausages integrating the décor.
Then, with the light of a lamp, I began another discovery of flavors, starting with the traditional carrot with olives, and then chicken foie, octopus salad, little squid and Fried meat squares (picos de carne). Ummmm…taberna1taberna2taberna3taberna4taberna5taberna6taberna7taberna8taberna9taberna10



Casa da Tocha: Next to Hotel Globo, this space stands out for its modernity. It does not have the typical decor of a tavern, compensating this lack with a cellaret behind the balcony, which leaves us fascinated.
Here, it was showed me a wine that I found quite irresistible: Bus 27 (Autocarro Nº27).
I have to admit, that was the first time that I loved take the bus!
Already in the ride of that transport, I went ahead and I could appreciate better the thyme mushrooms (Cogumelos Tomilhados), the Berlin pump (Bomba de Berlim) and Duck Magret with Red Fruits Jelly.
And so, I was surrendered to modernity … and to the bus!tocha1tocha2tocha3tocha4tocha5tocha6tocha7tocha8



Tasc’alado: Located in the “heart of the city”, stands out for the cozy atmosphere. Here, the tables are complemented by big sits and not the trivial small chairs.
The food is as generous and robust as the tables, which holds entire families. These are complete meals that are the ones that better sustain our body.
Here I tasted and surrendered to eggs with smoked sausage (Ovos com Chouriça), wings with mayo, spare ribs and the famous gizzards.tascalado1tascalado2tascalado3tascalado4tascalado5tascalado6tascalado7tascalado8tascalado9



But if you think that my journey ended here, you are wrong, because I also went to Almareado Tasca!
Almareado: It’s not as complete a tavern with so many delicacies like the previous ones, because their focus is other!
It is a space located in the alleys near the old bridge. Here is the perfect place to go after dinner and enjoy a good wine or digestive and listen to live music quality.
That’s right! Here the tapas are the traditional roast smoked sausage (Chouriça Assada), and ham (Presunto), or cheese and sausage (Chourição) for customers taste and do not be so dizzy (almareados)!

And with the next photos, I finished this post, but not my search for tapas spaces, so if you know some that I wish to indicate, I’m open to suggestions! I’ll see you soon!fotoalmareado1fotoalmareado2fotoalmareado3fotoalmareado4fotoalmareado5fotoalmareado6fotoalmareado7

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  • Reply Andy Monday January 11th, 2016 at 01:27 PM

    Muito bom! Ansiosa por experimentar, pois alguns sítios nem conhecia e pelos vistos tenho estado a perder bastante! Obrigada pelas dicas! 😉

    • Reply Silvia Costa Monday January 11th, 2016 at 11:30 PM

      Ainda bem que ficaste com vontade de ir a alguns destes sítios. Vais ver que vale a pena. 😉

  • Reply Marilia Duarte Monday January 11th, 2016 at 06:02 PM

    Huuuuum! mnhem, mnhem! Que coisas gostosas, tão bem apresentadas!

  • Reply Luis Raso Tuesday January 12th, 2016 at 12:52 AM

    Muito gostoso, tenho de apanhar o autocarro 27. Em Espanha mais na zona basca o sitio normal onde existe tapas são iguais as nossas antigas tabernas (que estão a voltar de novo). O convívio é enorme após um dia de trabalho e sobre aquele balcão corrido muitas iguarias com destaque no azeite e anchovas

    • Reply Silvia Costa Wednesday January 13th, 2016 at 10:56 AM

      É sem dúvida pelo convívio e pelo espaço aconchegante que devemos de vez em quando fazer um programa de tapas! E então depois do trabalho, como referiste, é a ocasião ideal. Obrigada pelo comentário. 😉

  • Reply Marta Moura Friday January 15th, 2016 at 10:57 AM

    Gosto taantooo!

  • Reply Fernanda Camacho Saturday February 27th, 2016 at 12:28 PM

    Estranho não estar aqui o Táscá! Costumo passar por lá e é muito agradável. Óptimos petiscos!!

    • Reply Silvia Costa Saturday February 27th, 2016 at 04:32 PM

      Olá Fernanda! Não dava para colocar muitos locais e a verdade é que já existem bastantes! No entanto já me contactaram a pedir para escrever sobre outros estabelecimentos e por isso irei colocar um novo post sobre tapas. Obrigada pela sugestão. Vou lá passar com certeza. Tem alguns pratos para me sugerir? Beijinhos

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