The fight, the reason and the conquest of the Straightening ?!

April 11, 2017

Hello girls!

There are those who do not like your hair, who just want to follow trends and there are still those who can not bear to have knots in the hair one day longer.

I include myself in the last case, but I still add a reason by “majeure force”: – Migraines …

Those who know me know’s that I have suffered from these irritating and insistent pains for many years. Having hair tied only intensifies them.

To escape the daily “mane”, I went to a hairdresser where I “survived” twice (because I had to repeat the treatment) by the hair pulls and the numerous sneezes caused by the smells and dust of the products.

Unfortunately in a few weeks I got my hair with the “snails” that I always had.

That’s when I thought it would be best to ask the ones that usually make the Straightening, where they had the best experience.

One day I asked a girl who showed me her Hairdresser.

This time the products were less aggressive, but I still suffered horrors with hair pulls.

After 1 month already had my “snails” back, and the wallet empty … ahahah

That’s when I thought about quitting. This is a very expensive treatment and does not compensate the effort, even because I even suffered more headaches at that time because of the pulls.

As we all go sporadically to a hairdresser and each one is faithful to his / her, after some time I went to “beautify” to Hairdresser Primavera and I told her my “sad story”.

Vera Vieira (owner of the salon) told me of a product less aggressive and as effective as others that I had used and had not worked.

She was sincere with me, informing me that it might not be as effective as other products on the market, also because my hair has been curly for years and because this treatment is progressive.

As I’ve known Vera for a number of years now, I decided to take the risk and treat with the product called Kaps Filler.

Because it was a success! In addition to having resulted for a lot more time, my hair became much softer and very easy to comb.

Today I already have my snails back, but soon I will do the same treatment with Vera.

I leave here some photos of Kaps Filler and my fun to do this treatment.

I strongly advise you to visit Vera, now also, in the Vena Salão near of the Churrasqueira Cardosas in Portimão. 😉    

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