The Importance of using “statement”

December 3, 2017

Have you ever heard of “statement” pieces in a fashion way? No?! So I’ll give you a tip: As you know, the way we present ourselves have an extreme importance, but we must also remember to mark by the personality and for that we can resort to the parts “statement”.
A statement piece is an object that marks our position or strength so to speak. Anyway, mark the difference.
I like to wear a shirt and pants and wear a tie because I identify myself with these parts, but I can also make a difference with a necklace full of shiny underneath or superimposed on a shirt, bracelets with patterns, rings or large earrings , …
The point here is not to fall into exaggeration. Be bold only in one piece, so that it does not become vulgar.
In fashion the word Outfit defines the set of clothes or accessories chosen and the word statement translates to the pieces (especially accessories) that are considered outstanding or in the slang – “give in the eye”.
So the statement pieces serve to give life to an outfit.
We can understand a statement as something bold, not necessarily eccentric, but with features that make the outfit that we are wearing stand out.
I leave you here some examples of statement pieces that I have used and some that I have. Besides this, I only ask you to use your creativity and make a difference!
I am counting on your comments.
See you soon!

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