The importance of Loja dos Sabores da Mónica in my life… and in yours!

October 18, 2015

Now, I wanted to write about a shop of regional products, which in contrary of what you might think, even being simple and small, is packed with “little treasures” that remember us the childhood.
By entering this store, we feel immediately at home thanks to the kindness and simplicity transmitted by Monica. We start discovering the flavors of the high-quality products, which are properly exposed on the shelves, looking for our favorites, however we get surprised when we find mixtures of ingredients that never thought it gave good result, such as figs with chili or Gin Tangerine characterized by the fresh flavor of the Algarve tangerine.
Anyway, the most surprising, is that once you enter this “unknown flavors world,” it’s when we realize what we have been missing because we never visited this little shop where we can still find other flavors or products that until now we considered unlikely and today it makes perfect sense to include them in our lives, such as carob, which in Loja dos Sabores da Mónica, it’s commercialized on a large scale, either as bread, cookies, pies, biscuits, liqueurs, jam, beer or even in the simple form of flour, permitting us to make a cake in the comfort of our home.
It was a year ago that Monica and her husband decided to open this shop, because they already had a business in the family with the name Mel MC. This label have pollen (which is considered today a superfood), honey from rosemary, medronho tree or orange flowers, and also produces honeywater (águamel) which is considered today a superfood.
The couple decided to open the establishment Loja dos Sabores da Mónica, right in the “heart” of the city of Portimão, as both consider that it is in this place that belongs this type of business and not in Shopping Mall, as you might think.
Probably it’s now that you want to know what differentiates Loja dos Sabores da Monica from other similar stores in Algarve, right ?!
First because of Monica’s way of being, genuine; which gives her numerous visits per day from friends and others from that area, which can’t fail to update the conversation with Monica.
And this is the spirit in which this store put’s us. We have joy to visit a friend and an excellent hostess, always with good-mood, and being able of sweeten the mouth with a cookie or an Algarve liquor.
To complete (because if I tell you all you’ll not have the surprise effect when you go to the store), I inform that this establishment already have been visits from customers who used GPS to find the store, with the justification that they wanted to purchase a specific product with quality, and that only this establishment had.  To finish, I just want to clarify you that the most popular products are the ones with carob, fig or almond, and apart from the sale of these or other individually, this establishment also makes baskets of all sizes, with the products that the customer wishes for a little present.
So do not forget that Christmas is coming and this store can find that quality of wine or medronho for an offer to your father and future father in law, perhaps “to fall in their thanks.”
If it doesn’t work, … with the father in law, you also can find something in Loja dos Sabores da Mónica, like for example, pickled jalapeno, which can lead him to tears!
I leave you here some pictures with the products and with the friendliness of the owner, who appears through his characteristic smile!




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  • Reply Monica Sunday October 18th, 2015 at 06:54 PM

    Adoro, o texto está muito claro e sem ir a loja dá perfeitamente para sentir todo o afeto que lá existe. Muito, muito obrigada mesmo.

    • Reply Silvia Costa Tuesday October 20th, 2015 at 05:47 AM

      Querida Mónica, são estabelecimentos da qualidade do teu que devem ser reconhecidos, não só pelo bom atendimento ao cliente, mas também pela excelente qualidade dos produtos. Beijos e muito sucesso!

  • Reply Marília Duarte Monday October 19th, 2015 at 07:52 AM

    A Mónica está de parabéns com essa loja, pois gostei muito do que vi através das fotografias. Parabéns também à Sílvia, que nos soube mostrar tão bem, pelas fotos e pela escrita, essa acolhedora loja.

  • Reply Mónica Monday October 19th, 2015 at 11:34 AM

    Muito Obrigada Marília Duarte.

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