January 21, 2018

Hello. As you all know, I am interested in Algarvian products and as a result, here is another Algarve brand and very powerful, not only for its quality, but also for the spicyness involved.
Piri-Piri & C (click here to see), was created in 2011 and has as partners Romeu Santos and Rui Gordo. It is recognized for producing the best chilli sauces in Portugal!
It has unique varieties, made with species coming from their own farm, with quality raw material sand using artisan methods.
In Piri-Piri & Co´s range you can find chili oils, hot sauces with flavours such as mango and honey, smoked chili pepper, fresh chilli peppers, sweet and sour, extra-strong and of “nuclear” strenght!
At Piri-Piri & Co you can also find pickled Jalapeños, Bhut Jolokia paste, spicy confectionery, piri-piri powder, dried peppers, fresh peppers, chocolates and the delicious honey piri-piri liqueur: Brutal.
But before so many possibilities of including spice in our lives, surely you must think of the damage this can do to your health! Yes, of course! … – But I leave you some good news: the hot stuff is only bad for you if consumed in excess. It’s like many other foods or products: as long as we exert control it only improves our health. After all, who would not want to have a spicier life?!
Talking with Rui, I was presented with some products that I loved and of which I am sharing the photos here:
-Pickled Jalapeños
-Cometa (The Comet)
-Nuclear (only for the brave ?)

And the sweet, but spicy:
-Spicy Tomato and Cinnamon Jam
-Spicy Strawberry and White Chocolate Jam
-Brutal Liqueur

I also found out that, if you wish to offer piri-piri to someone, whether because they are fond of or because they simply need to “spice up” their life, there is a gift box with a selection of products (Baltum 1504, Manga & Mel, Chipotle, Tropical Death , Skorpion and Bhutzilla).

I’ll also leave it here too, some good news for the brave: Recently Piri-Piri & Co included spicier sauces to their range as Burn Out, Supernova and Jamaica Hot.

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