35 Springs …

May 25, 2017

Today I reach the goal of the 35 Springs!

It was 35 years of a lot of shame, shyness, sadness, … some bitter days and many with no taste ….

I felt a caterpillar searching for colors, and chose to build a super cocoon to begin my transformation to a butterfly of success. Read More…

Painting to not stress… Art therapy.

April 25, 2017


How many of you feel stress with all the daily tasks and obligations that come up ?!

Well, it happens to me, even though I love living under stress. I feel as if this “state”, so to speak, “obliges” me to “walk in order.”

However, being a curious person by nature, I decided to try something that already many people use to escape the stress- Adult Painting Books. Read More…

The fight, the reason and the conquest of the Straightening ?!

April 11, 2017

Hello girls!

There are those who do not like your hair, who just want to follow trends and there are still those who can not bear to have knots in the hair one day longer.

I include myself in the last case, but I still add a reason by “majeure force”: – Migraines …

Those who know me know’s that I have suffered from these irritating and insistent pains for many years. Having hair tied only intensifies them.

To escape the daily “mane”, I went to a hairdresser where I “survived” twice (because I had to repeat the treatment) by the hair pulls and the numerous sneezes caused by the smells and dust of the products. Read More…